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Compliance & Internal Audit for Financial Institutions

COMPLY specializes in providing compliance and internal audit services. Our services are designed for institutions as well as individuals providing financial services in the Czech Republic. The aim of our services is to effectively prevent the risks of the internal and external environment, and thereby ensure the long-term stability of a financial institution. Financial services providers that do not duly and timely establish their internal control system are exposed to private and public risks in the form of damages to clients and regulatory sanctions. A proper set-up and operation of the financial institution’s internal control system and financial services is subject to continuous monitoring and inspections by the Czech National Bank. COMPLY’s remuneration is always determined according to a particular business model of a financial institution and the extent and nature of the financial services.


It is a continuous, independent internal control in a financial institution, which aims to ensure compliance of legal obligations and obligations arising from internal regulations of a financial institution.

The main compliance activities include:

  • Creation and a continuous revision of internal regulations of a financial institution (ensuring compliance with the legal regulations and opinions of the ČNB).
  • Creation and a continuous update of client documentation (mandatory information / investment questionnaire / minutes of the meetings).
  • Continuous internal control of compliance with the obligations under the legal and internal regulations of a financial institution (provision of financial services and functioning of the management and control system of a financial institution).
  • Financial institution’s staff training in the field of legislation and internal regulations of a financial institution.
  • Coordination of communication with the ČNB (requests, state control, registration proceedings, etc.).
  • Coordination of complaints and financial institution clients’ claims.
  • Participation in the settlement of disputes by the Financial Arbiter.
  • Consultation and advice to the financial institution’s employees.
  • Communication with the compliance department of cooperating financial institutions.
  • Communicating legislative changes relevant to the financial institution’s activities.
  • Supervising the field of AML (measures against money laundering and terrorism financing).


It is an independent, objective assurance activity designed to detect deficiencies and risks in a financial institution that submits recommendations to remedy the identified deficiencies and eliminate the risks, and oversees the adoption and implementation of such recommendations.

The following activities are subject to internal audit:

  • Preparation of a strategic and periodic internal audit plan.
  • Preparation of an annual internal audit plan.
  • Preparation of a medium-term internal audit plan.
  • Performance of individual audits in accordance with an annual internal audit plan, writing reports about the audits performed.
  • Preparation of a financial institution’s risk analysis.
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the remedial measures imposed on the basis of the internal audit findings.
  • Preparation of the final annual internal audit report, including the evaluation of the functionality and effectiveness of the financial institution’s management and control system.
  • Informing the financial institution’s management of the findings.


A one-time compliance audit of legal obligations and prerequisites of a financial institution. The final report containing an overview of the deficiencies identified in the activities of a financial institution and recommendations of appropriate corrective measures is the outcome of the audit.

The following areas are subject to regulatory audit:

  • Compliance of the financial institution’s internal regulations with legislation.
  • The accuracy and completeness of a financial institution’s client documentation complying with the valid legislation.
  • Provision of financial services with professional care and diligence.
  • Fulfilling of recording, archiving, and other administrative activities of a financial institution.
  • The functionality of the financial institution’s control system.
  • Compliance with the financial institution’s internal standards.
  • Effective risk management.
  • AML (measures to eliminate money laundering and terrorism financing).


We will arrange the required registration or the ČNB license for you.

We ensure the preparation of all types of registration (investment intermediary, insurance intermediary, etc.) or license requests (securities broker, payment institutions, etc.) to provide financial services. Due to extensive experience with licensing and registration procedures at the Czech National Bank, we will arrange the successful outcome of the procedure without undue delay. This service includes evaluation, and possibly ensuring all necessary preconditions for the smooth functioning of a financial institution and provision of financial services.


Are you concerned about the inspection from ČNB?

COMPLY has extensive experience with conducting ČNB state inspections with financial institutions. In case you want to take advantage of our experience and eliminate potential risks to your company for failure to comply with legal obligations, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will ensure the control and preparation of documents required by the ČNB, prepare your staff for an on-site inspection, and arrange all other necessities for a quick and uncomplicated control procedure. In case ČNB ascertains any deficiencies, we will arrange for an immediate adoption of appropriate remedial measures.


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